Openex manufactures steel components and complex, high value-add assemblies.
vacuum chamber fabrication

Vacuum chambers

large flanges

Large Flanges

tube sheet manufacture

Tube Sheets

ship components

Structural Components

Battery Racking fabrication

Battery Racking

large pressure vessel fabrication for oil and gas

Pressure Vessels

Metal Enclosures

Metal Enclosures

metal Frames fabrication

Metal Frames

dump body fabrication

Dump Bodies

metal casings fabrication

Metal Casings

aluminum parts fabrication

Aluminum Parts

duplex steel structures

Duplex Steel Structures

plate rolling cylinder for Nuclear wastewater storage

Rolled & Welded Cylinders

Tower Internals

reach stacker components

Reach Stacker Components

Swirl plate Demisters

Swirl plate Demisters

steel weldments for hydraulic unit of trailers

Trailer Hydraulic Units

welding assemblies

Welding Assemblies

Tank Heads

custom ductwork


Sheet Metal Cabinets

Sheet Metal Cabinets

steel structures fabrication

Steel Structures

Photovoltaic Power Parts

Photovoltaic Power Parts

Metro Gates

Metro Gates

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